MASTER CLASS : International Course in Marseille at l’institut de la facette


Veneers every day every wear

Dr Stefen Koubi
DDS, PhD – Honorary Member of StyleItlaiano

Dr. Koubi graduated from University of Marseille where he is an Associate Professor in University of Marseille. In that same city he hold his private practice where he is the owner. Founder of L’Institut de la Facette as a training centre mainly focused in the science of laminate veneer in the cosmetic and functional field. He has 58 publications with 13 international on the topic of anterior aesthetic and minimally invasive dentistry and operative dentistry. Speaker in more than 250 lectures national and international, mainly in different Aesthetic Academies and Prosthodontics Societies. On 2011 he won the ‘Best Lecturer of the Year in France’

Course Description & Learning Objectives

2 courses – 3 hands on – 3 live cases
Everyday dentistry must be simple, aesthetic, and guided to be accessible to all. In the field of aesthetics, practitioners are often faced with a variety of challenges. Whatever the level of case difficulty, dentists should have a mind much like an architect; meticulously planning before attempting any practical work. For example, a case presenting with extreme worn dentition and aesthetic defects (where an implant is needed), requires a full guided protocol. Using the latest press technologies, analogic treatment planning can be utilised to highlight treatment, in a case presenting with severe worn dentition. Technologies can also be used to further fix an implant case, by making use of digital workflow associated with CAD CAM material. Irrespective of the technology used, the clinical steps are driven by the final design, resulting in a precise outcome based on predictive planning. Everyday dentistry is becoming simple, guided, aesthetic and more and more digital.

Module 1

Veneers from A to Z in cosmetic

  • Live case of laminate veneers on patient, from A toZ
  • Theoretical course complete with tips and tricks
  • Transmission of information to the laboratory
  • HANDS ON session: the aesthetic project, the controlled preparations, the preparation variants, the provisional ones followed by the bonding protocol of one laminate veneer
  • Interactive discussions around clinical situations, therapeutic planning

Module 2

Veneers with worn dentition

  • Live case of worn dentition where a full arche is treated with the full mock up , guided prep, new design, impression and temporaries.
  • Comprehensive theoretical course on the treatment of wear through global rehabilitations based on bonded partial restorations
  • Practical work including: full mock up in worn dentition, guided posterior prep, novel design of occlusal veneered the different type, cementation of functional veneer
This course is unique because of the live case performed during the 4 days (3 lives, 4 hands on , 2 courses)

Hands on

Hands on 1 : how to use a mock up for a precise and repeatable prep protocol
  • how to make a mock up
  •  how to control depth of the cut
  • selection of the bur
  • material for the mock up
  • sprecificities of the prep (too buccal, too palatal..)
  • finishing step
  • tips and tricks for impression
  • how to make you own silicon index for controlling your prep
Hands on 3 : the full mock up technique in worn dentition
  • how to place a precise full mock up on 1 arche
  • prep driven by fonctionnal mock up in posterior area
  • prep driven by esthetic mock up in anterior area
  • functionnal laminate : prep for a table top
  • sandwich restoration in posterior area
Hands on 2 : cementation of laminate veneer in a repeatable way
  • how to place a rubber dam for individual dam in 20 sec
  • tips and tricks for the isolation
  • preparation of the tooth : bonding procedure
  • preparation of the laminate
  • finishing step
Hands on 4 : cementation of functional veneer (table top, palatal veneer , sandwich) in a repeatable way
  • how to place a rubber dam for individual dam in 20 sec
  • tips and tricks for the isolation
  • preparation of the tooth : bonding procedure
  • preparation of the laminate
  • finishing step

Learning objectives

  • recipes for designing a smile
  • recipes for specific clinical issues : dyschromia, disposition, single unit, worn dentition
  • a precise and repeatable method for managing simple and complex case as well following a guided protocol
  • recipes for cementation laminate veneer, table top, crown
  • use of emax material for each clinical indication (choice of ingot, thickness required..)
  • latest emax improvement (multi, MT…) with lab pictures
  • how to jump into digital dentistry from cosmetic to functional rehabilitation

CDP hours and Learning Outcome

  • from 9h to 18 h every day with lunch and coffee break and dinner every night Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday evening